The Health Benefits of (Spicy) Peanuts

The Health Benefits of (Spicy) Peanuts

We all yearn for that morning glow.  That feeling of being alive.  In order to maintain that peak energy, some reach for coffee, others for tea or even energy drinks.  However, if you are in need for long-term sustained energy that also provides many other key benefits, then look no further than the peanut, or better yet, the “spicy peanut”.

Key Reasons to Start Including Peanuts in Your Daily Regimen

  • Sustained Energy Throughout the Day.  At around 8g per serving, peanuts have more hunger-satisfying protein than any other nut.  They are an ultimate plant-based protein source.  This means that you’ll feel satisfied longer.  Also, having a low glycemic index means that it will help stabilize your blood sugar to prevent the feeling of “crashing”.
  • Live a Longer, Healthier Life.  Eating 10 grams per day or more of peanuts is associated with a 21% lower risk of dying prematurely, and it can reduce your risk for certain cancers (specifically colorectal, gastric, pancreatic and lung cancers).  It can also reduce risk of death due to heart disease by 24%, respiratory disease by 16%, infections by 32%, and kidney disease by 48%.
  • Provides Essential Vitamins.  The peanut really does provide a nice group of brain-boosting nutrients.  
    • Niacin - In a study of adults 65 and older, those who consumed more niacin showed a slower rate of cognitive decline and a 70% reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease.  
    • Vitamin E: Found to promote healthy brain aging and delay cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Peanuts are considered a “good source” of vitamin E.  
    • Resveratrol: A bioactive found in peanuts, resveratrol is believed to be beneficial in fighting against Alzheimer’s disease and other nerve degenerating diseases.  
    • P-coumaric Acid: An antioxidant that appears to target the neurotransmitters in our brain that regulate mood, stress and anxiety. In 2014, authors of a study on p-coumaric acid noted that it may have similar effects for reducing stress as a leading anxiety-reducing drug, Diazepam.
  • Stay Fit.  The protein in peanuts can help your muscles repair and grow after a workout, but they can do a lot more. In fact, there’s evidence that regular peanut consumption can support healthy weight management.
  • Feel The Burn.  It’s part adrenaline rush and part love of the pain.  The body puts the spicy burn to use.  Spicy peanuts help boost the body’s own metabolism and thus you burn more calories when at rest after eating.  So, raise your internal furnace to get the most gains.
  • Help Your Heart.  Due to high levels of the amino acid arginine, peanuts can help to open up blood vessels and lower your blood pressure.
  • Peanut Sustainability.  Growing a peanut requires less water and energy than other nuts.  It also was originally introduced as a nitrogen-fixing rotation crop for cotton, they replenish soil with the nitrogen depleted by other crops.  As a result, less fertilizer is needed to grow peanuts, as well as the rotation crop, which results in less greenhouse gas emissions.

As you can see, the peanut provides a wide variety of beneficial attributes that are hard to compare to other protein sources.  Just adding a little bit of spice into your diet also provides a boost to your metabolism.  When these forces are combined, they help provide a wholesome way to pack in your protein for the day, along with enjoying some tongue tingling burn along with way. 

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