Find your favorite Hot Monkey Nut!

Each one of our hand-crafted flavors is a unique blend of spices and hot peppers.  Our heat levels range from Mild, Medium, Hot!, Very Hot!, and Insane!  

MILD: If you're not sure of your heat tolerance, start with the Cinnamonkey Spice which has a hint of Habanero.

MEDIUM: If you can handle a little more spice, definitely try Sour Screamin' Onion, Nacho Momma's Nuts, Jamaican Me Sweat, or Fromage a Trois.

HOT! & VERY HOT!: If you enjoy the burn, go for the 3-Alarm Garlic Parm. Or our Curry Up! I'm on Fire blend which is made with the exhilarating Ghost pepper. And our Hot-Winged Reaper is sizzling with Carolina Reaper Pepper!

INSANE!: And if you are a serious Pepperhead, try our Black Widow's Bite which contains 8 peppers including the Trinidad Moruga scorpion pepper and the Carolina Reaper! 

In all of our creations, you'll enjoy a delicious combination of peanuts, flavor, and heat.

Do YOU have the guts to eat our nuts?

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