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TWISTED: Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter, Pretzels and Habanero.

RAGING: White Chocolate with Strawberries, Raspberries, Peanut Butter Chips and Carolina Reaper.

MANIC: Dark Chocolate with Espresso, Toffee, Peanuts, Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper.

Each flavor ends with a unique lingering fiery finish.

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3-PACK of HOT MONKEY BARS - Spicy Chocolate Bars

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"OMG! The only thing I can say is that these are the BEST spicy peanuts I have ever had and I have tried ALOT!"

Phia's Mom

"These guys have the best set of flavors for roasted nuts that I have encountered in my gastronomic adventures."

Jill R.

"I think these might be the best "hot" snack I have ever ordered"

Mom E.