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Black Widow's Bite

  • Reading the label, I saw Ghost Peppers, Carolina Reapers and Maruga Scorpion Peppers among the ingredients. I thought: OMG! What have I ordered? But the flavor of these peanuts is the best. It overwhelms the peppers. Yes, there's heat. But if you ordered "hot" peanuts intentionally, then you'll like these. I think these may be the best "hot" snack I have ever ordered. – Mom. 
  • These peanuts are awesome. I am chili head and these peanuts have some heat but aren't that hot to me. If you don't eat a lot of hot foods you will probably find them really hot. They are some of the best tasting peanuts I've ever had. -W. 
  • I'm a huge chili head, so I figured the Black Widow's Bite would be perfect. I cracked the bag open immediately and tried one single peanut. Great taste, didnt get much spice, just a slight tickle in the back of my throat. Tried a half handful, again, loved the flavor, and got a little heat on the back end. Sat the bag down, and grabbed it again a few hours later for a late night snack, got a proper handful and a few bites in, the heat hit full force. My eyes teared up a tiny bit, and it subsided quickly after. Nothing too overwhelming, and the flavor was never once compromised by the heat. Gotta say, I'm a huge fan of this product now, and will be giving this company more of my business in the future. :) 
  • True to Name: They are spicy! Good flavor and then POW the heat kicks in. -Sandy H. 


Sour Screaming' Onion

  • These nuts are delicious, and addictive. There is a pleasant amount of heat, but it doesn't overwhelm the other flavors. I look forward to trying the other varieties available. – O. 
  • I tried these nuts for the first time yesterday and they are wonderful. They have a bit of sweet and then the heat gets you on the end zone. They are a wonderful addition to your snacking regime. It's also great to be able to support a small local business these days. -Stacy J. 
  • Delicious: Love these! Perfect amount of spice and crunch!! -Amy L. 


Nacho Momma's Nuts and Curry Up! I'm on Fire

  • Awesome nuts man, here try much spicy ok so I ordered the nacho and masala curry nuts. The nacho nuts are awesome just on there own, not too spicy but a good kick and flavor. Also not to high in sodium as that's a problem for me. The curry nuts though are hot, good addition to an actual curry that's mild so you only get a heat kick occasionally but be warned they are Hot. -Jason V.


Curry Up! I'm on Fire

  • OMG! The only thing I can say is that these are the BEST spicey peanuts I have ever had and I have tried ALOT! The flavor goes theough the whole nut - not just a coating like many others! You MUST try these! I am gonna order the others now that I know they are worth the money! Totally spice-tastic!! -Phia's Mom


Hot-Winged Reaper

  • These guys have the best set of flavors for roasted nuts that I have encountered in my gastronomic adventures.-Jill R.
  • Delicious and Spicy AF! You'll feel the burn next day. -Elizabeth J.


Wholesale Customer Feedback

  • We love this brand! Hot Monkey Nuts is a great band! The product bags are beautiful with vivid quality colors and materials. The order was shipped fast and came with complimentary branded magnets & stickers. The brand is cohesive & is a great product 🌶 🥜 😋 So proud to add them to our lineup. 🥰 (TSD)
  • Perfect flavor and doneness! Just what I wanted for a locally made product in my wellness retail. Flavor is perfect without being too much and the roast of the nut is exactly what the pallet wants! Fabulous! (BTMW)

  • Great Snack. If your looking for a little snack with a bite Black Widow's Bite hits the spot. One peanut for a little heat or a hand full for more heat. Great for when the family comes to visit.  I haven't tried them all yet, but most likely the will be good. (CISG)

  • Customer favorite. We just got these into our store and our customers love them. They are selling fast. The packaging attracts customers and they love the taste and are returning to purchase again. (GCS)

  • Great all around. We sold them at a local bbq festival this weekend and nothing but positive feedback. (TSTO)


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