Black Widow's Bite

Product image 1Black Widow's Bite - Hot Monkey Nuts
Product image 2Black Widow's Bite - Hot Monkey Nuts
Product image 3Black Widow's Bite - Hot Monkey Nuts

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Imagine the bite from a Black Widow spider.  The intense searing pain that envelops your senses.  The uncontrollable desire to put out the heat.  This is our INSANE flavor!  We've combined the well-known and loved Salt ‘n Vinegar flavor with an 8-legged WICKED bite! We wanted to add all the aspects of a Black Widow, the red hourglass (red wine vinegar), the black color (black salt), and 8 legs (8 peppers).  Black Widow’s Bite's 8 peppers are Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, habanero, jalapeño, ancho, chipotle, and cayenne.  

Don't Be Shy...Get Bitten!


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